The classic white tee is so deeply ingrained in my style DNA, I could never run out of ways to wear one. But as a graphic designer, it’s almost impossible for me to resist a cute graphic tee. I like to think of Bonfire Supply Co. as a minimalist love child of these two fashion favorites. Combining crisp white cotton basics with a perfectly placed pocket detail makes a subtle statement that you can really build on, or let stand all on its own.

Launching this brand with the 420 collection was maybe a risky statement for me to make, but it’s one that I am proud of.

You see, anxiety is something that is also deeply ingrained in my DNA and I have been battling it my entire life. #NOCHILL was my unfortunate full-time reality. While I won’t claim to be completely “cured” of my anxiety, I can say for sure that I am in a much better place now mentally. I am not ashamed to admit that cannabis has been a major part of my personal wellness journey and once I learned what products and dosage worked best for me, I finally got significant relief from my anxiety. Bonus- I actually get to experience social & recreational enjoyment now too!

The 420 collection will always be my baby, but I am super excited to share there are already new sets in the works! Creativity is a notoriously fickle pickle and so to keep the good vibes flowing, I started designing these capsules around the things that really light me up inside.

Astrology, pop culture, personal development & social justice issues are just some of my favorite topics for discussion and I hope to spark some conversation with the upcoming sets of minimalist statement tees.