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Celebrating 4/20 with the launch of this site & my first ever blog post!!

My name is Sarah & I like to keep it simple. This minimalist collection of elevated lifestyle tees is just the beginning-I have big plans for this little shop & will be adding tons of new goodies as I grow!

Some things about me:
Cancer Sun | Libra Moon | INFP | Type 2
If you are astrology & human psychology obsessed like me, that should tell you everything you could ever want to know about me!

But in case you’re not, here are the important details…
I am originally from upstate NY, but now I live down the shore in NJ with my future hubs and our sassy 3lb morkie, Bella. Dog Mom AF.
We are about to trade our beach pad for ‘burb life in a modern farmhouse. I can’t stop thinking about all the walls I am going to shiplap. Yep, I am that basic.

My #OOTD is jeans & a tee 99.9% of the time.
Neutrals. Always.
Horses & mint chocolate chip ice cream make my heart happy.
Palo Santo & CBD are 2 of my favorite anxiety relievers.

I plan to use this space to share more about my life, my personal cannabis journey but also the new products & people that I think are totally share-worthy!
I am always excited to meet new friends & would love to get to know you. Send me a note or drop a comment & say HIGH!